Lab14 Group reveals itself at the SEMICON WEST 2022

Lab14 Semicon West 2022

At this year’s Semicon West conference, which ran from July 12-14 2022 in San Francisco’s Moscone Conference center, the RSBG Advanced Manufacturing Technologies group revealed that in future it will continue doing business under the new Lab14 brand. For this purpose, all group companies were present at the conference under a joint booth.

The Lab14 group consists of a group of companies that share synergies and opportunities in the patterning, surface analysis, high vacuum as well as software and service solutions in the micro- and nano- fabrication area.

Heidelberg Instruments, Osiris International, Genisys-GmbH, Notion Systems, Specs Group and 40-30 shared a large booth with the LAB14 parent showing their products and meeting with existing and prospective customers in an open and engaging area allowing, at times, discussions to cross over between the companies.

This showed that the vision of the group, which is to cover all aspects of the production process for micro- and nano-fabrication from front-end to back-end as well as surrounding services software solutions and training seems to hit the mark.

At the same time, the Semicon West 2022 was a valuable opportunity for all group member companies staff to meet in person again and exchange insights and knowledge about the products and services they are offering of their companies over dinner and a drink after the show and to get to know each other better.